Judge Michael McShane to Block Anti-Abortion Title X Gag Rule

Donald Trump’s mission to weaken the nation’s only federal family planning program has been temporarily thwarted: on Tuesday night, a federal judge said he plans to block the sweeping changes that would have barred providers from informing discussing abortion with patients, and would further enable the rise of anti-abortion Christian family planning centers.

Politico reports that Oregon’s U.S. District Judge Michael J. McShane plans to grant a preliminary injunction against the so-called “gag rule” in response to a lawsuit brought by 21 state attorneys general (including Washington D.C.). The rule changes, scheduled to go into effect May 3, would have barred funding from family planning organizations that perform abortions, or even refer patients to abortion providers. They also would have required clinics that offer abortions to create separate physical barriers, including maintaining separate medical records and staff.

via Judge Michael McShane to Block Anti-Abortion Title X Gag Rule


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