The Universal Equality blog here is my attempt to collect together many many years of personal exploration and study of the importance and significance or equality in different areas of life and the world.

I’ve been interested in equality since my teenage years, and possibly before, largely driven by my belief that everybody is entitled to be treated equally irrespective of who, or what, they are.

In my later teenage years I started to run an online group dedicated to helping and supporting transgender individuals and a separate, related, group supporting people suffering from depression.

Over the years I have read and studied numerous books, articles, talks and essays about equality. Often these are focused on a specific area, for example gender equality or identity, or political equality.

In more recent years this has lead to do some more extensive research and study things more closely, and support various groups to help promote equality. For example, I recently started sewing quilts for the Fawcett Society, which was set up in honour of Millicent Fawcett and the suffragettes.

On this blog I hope to collect my own book reviews and thoughts, as well as links to news stories and other resources that are ultimately related to all these different types of equality.

For more information about me, please see my main blog, MCB Guru.