How to create a period-friendly workplace – BBC News

A football app start-up in Gothenburg is set to become the first business in Sweden to be certified as menstruation-friendly. But how much do employees really want to talk about their periods?
Rows of top-division European football kits hang from a giant goal net hooked to the ceiling, while two male developers kick a ball around on a green fake grass carpet. This isn’t the most obvious place to be championing a more supportive environment for women during their periods.
Indeed, Forza Football’s chief executive Patrik Arnesson admits he “didn’t think about the menstrual cycle at all” before a female employee asked if the firm could take part in a pilot scheme designed to break down taboos around menstruation.
“No one had actually told me they had to leave work to go home because of PMS,” he says. “And then I actually realized that this is a problem and I haven’t even reflected on it.”

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