Stop Snitching On Malia Obama, a Normal 20-Something

The children of presidents have never been off limits: Chelsea Clinton was mocked relentlessly by right-wingers and comedians. The Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, gained party girl notoriety after trying to use fake IDs to buy alcohol. And Malia and Sasha Obama, as the first black first daughters, have faced a combination of tabloid fixation on their personal lives and racist bullshit: in 2014, a Republican communications director resigned after suggesting that the then-teenage sisters were scantily clad and disrespectful during the annual Thanksgiving turkey-pardoning.

But with the modern ubiquity of cameras and social surveillance basically becoming a form of recreation, the Obama daughters are uniquely vulnerable to these invasions of privacy. She’s surrounded by narcs, essentially—from cab drivers to Ivy League assholes—who are happy to sell-out this famous private citizen to the vultures happy to smear or try to embarrass her for clicks.

via Stop Snitching On Malia Obama, a Normal 20-Something