Rep. Eliot Engels Slams Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Comments on Israel

No one who pays attention to how racism in this country works should be surprised at the continuing freak out over Rep. Ilhan Omar, one of the first two Muslim women to ever serve in Congress. After February’s overblown scandal over Omar’s tweets regarding the pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC’s influence on Congress, Omar’s opponents have found a smear that they know will stick on her—anti-Semitism—and they aren’t going to let it go until she’s out of office.

The latest attempt in this vein comes from Rep. Eliot Engel, the Democratic chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Today, Engel demanded another apology from Omar over comments she made about American politicians’ support for Israel, according to the Washington Post.

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In a town hall meeting at a bookstore in Washington, D.C. this Wednesday, Omar discussed lobbying groups influence on U.S. politicians in their views on Israel.

via Rep. Eliot Engels Slams Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Comments on Israel


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