What is it like for a woman who is harassed? – BBC News

What to do if you are harassed

Hollaback! – an international movement tackling harassment – says there is no right or wrong way to respond.
It says the most important thing is to get yourself out of the situation if you feel unsafe.
But if you choose to speak directly to the assailant, it offers the following advice:
Be firm: Look them in the eye and denounce their behaviour with a strong, clear voice
Say what feels natural: The important thing is that you are not apologetic in your response
Don’t engage: Harassers may try to argue with you or dismiss you through further conversation or by making fun of you. As tempting as it may be get into a verbal war with them, it is not recommended. The attention may feed their abusive behaviour
Keep moving: Once you’ve said your piece, keep moving. Harassers do not deserve the pleasure of your company

via What is it like for a woman who is harassed? – BBC News

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