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Moreover, modern feminism has put the Victorian sexual double standard into reverse. Tearing up the old sexual order, women liberated themselves to behave with as much sexual licence as men. Yet when men now misinterpret the signals because there are no longer any rules, women accuse them of failing to treat them with sufficient respect. And even when men grossly misbehave or even attack them, some women choose to remain silent and use such men for their own advantage.

Female emancipation was all about giving women control over their own destinies. Now they have that control, they are presenting themselves once again as powerless victims of male oppression, even while benefiting from being presented as sexual objects. In 1995, Thurman was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 sexiest stars in film history, in 2004 she featured in Maxim magazine’s “Hot 100” and in 2013 was named one of the “100 Hottest Women of the 21st Century” by GQ magazine.

Millicent Fawcett and even Emmeline Pankhurst would surely not have said to Thurman: “me too”. They would have said: “not in our name”.

via MeToo feminism is victim culture, not courage | Comment | The Times

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